Red Square

Don’t just take our word for it. We let our happy clients do the talking for us:

What a lovely surprise to find on our way to the coffee shop (haven't found the kettle yet!) your superb bouquet of flowers. So lovely, a big thank you to you and the rest of the Red Square team. You have all been and continue to be amazing.

Thank you for your patience and calm, for always being happy to accommodate our changes and you completed our project within the timescales we had hoped for. Fantastic and huge thanks. I am sure we will continue to be in touch. I promise though to never, ever disturb David and yourself in the middle of the night to come and change a broken loo seat!

With love


Argyll Road

Don’t just take our word for it. We let our happy clients do the talking for us:

"Without the professional expertise, logistical organisation and communication skills of Red Square, we would never have gained the confidence (and enjoyment) on undertaking this project.

Frankly, if we had not hired Red Square we probably would have walked away.

The development of a property of this size, not just internal but external, is of commercial proportions and in Red Square we are fortunate enough to have a team that can match that challenge.  In fact, the confidence we had in the team allowed us to undertake even more works.

The Red Square team listened to my wife and I describe our objectives for the house as our family home and are working with us to make those dreams come true.

The team have consistently provided us with differing options to achieve the same objective and clearly noted the variety in budget and timeframe.

In my opinion, the key to a project like this is the confidence you have in your professional team and the project to date has only strengthened my view of the quality of the Red Square team and the standards they strive to achieve".

Client, Country House

Don’t just take our word for it. We let our happy clients do the talking for us:

“Red Square has been thoroughly professional throughout the process and have helped create a final product which we are delighted with.

The project presented numerous technical and design challenges for them to solve and they have managed to produce a light, airy space which includes all of the elements we were looking for.  Although it is below ground, it certainly doesn’t feel like basement space.

The building team went the extra mile to ensure we met our fixed deadlines for occupation.

Finally, unlike many other contractors, they have not disappeared at completion of the job  – Richard and his team have been available to help with any ongoing requirements.”

Client, Kensington Family Home

Don’t just take our word for it. We let our happy clients do the talking for us:

"I needed a one stop shop for the design, planning and construction and Red Square were there to take care of everything. I enjoyed the collaborative nature of working on the design where they turned our vague ideas into realistic choices and they were constantly challenged to find innovative solutions; our listed building posed additional challenges but they skilfully used every available inch of space to create a truly great, practical and stylish home.

Their attention to detail and their quest for perfection ensured we had a wonderful final product where all our original requests from the brief were somehow incorporated. The follow-up to the whole process has also been very helpful, leaving us very satisfied customers."

Client, Holland Park Mews

Don’t just take our word for it. We let our happy clients do the talking for us:

“From the architects and the engineers to the project director and the manager, everyone’s friendly and positive attitude made the staff at Red Square a pleasure to work with. Our project was a cooperative effort that meant our house came out exactly the way we wanted.

Red Square came recommended to us, subsequently carrying out a range of refurbishment work which spanned dining and sitting rooms, bedrooms, media room, bathrooms and mezzanine areas and a major refurbishment of the conservatory kitchen. Structurally and aesthetically, everything was perfect; however, the utilities side of the project was a bit more involved than we originally anticipated, until they called a reputable specialist sub-contractor to resolve all remaining issues with the existing heating system. 

My wife and I were very impressed with the final results!”

Client, Ladywell Court

Don’t just take our word for it. We let our happy clients do the talking for us:

"The house, located in Highgate, North London, was built in the 1930's, and when we bought it the idea was to install a lap pool the whole family could use.

The project originally centred on an extensive renovation of our home, to include the creation of an accessible indoor swimming pool. This necessitated the development of a huge basement area to accommodate it.

The project resulted in a basement area with 3m high ceilings, which houses the pool, gym and media lounge - the best part of the renovation is the amount of natural light brought in throughout the house, including the basement. It is a lovely environment to live in!

My experience with Red Square was interesting, illuminating and rewarding. Their attention to detail throughout the project has resulted in beautiful, crisp, unique finishes that are frequently commented upon."

Jocelyn Thomas, Highgate House

Don’t just take our word for it. We let our happy clients do the talking for us:

"Red Square's great strength lies in their detailing and planning.  This is carried out from the beginning and continues throughout the works so that the project evolves easily.

I loved working with Ros and the team who were, without exception, full of great ideas suggested with charm and a great sense of creativity.

As a client, I am not without my own very definite and sometimes difficult and strange requests, such as fiber optics in the walls and ceilings of my dining room.  Although this presented a challenge, Red Square found a way to carry through this idea so it looks better than I could have imagined.

I love the end result and feel I have a home I can be proud of, that expresses my unique style."

Oonagh Wohanka, Georgian House

Don’t just take our word for it. We let our happy clients do the talking for us:

“Trying to refurbish a Victorian house presents its own set of challenges, but Red Square handled the entire process with ease - from exceptional interior design to efficient project management - we couldn't be happier with the results!"

Jo & David Smith, Victorian House, West London 

Don’t just take our word for it. We let our happy clients do the talking for us:

"My husband and I chose Red Square because of their flexibility and mastery of modern design. Their team provided a range of design services that were fast, efficient and responsive, while providing all of the attention our elaborate refurbishment project required.

We also took advantage of their outstanding specification and support services throughout the four-year process.        

Working with Red Square was a pleasure, and they collaborated brilliantly with our appointed project managers and builders!"

Client, Herbert Crescent

Don’t just take our word for it. We let our happy clients do the talking for us:

“Red Square won our builders’ beauty parade with some ease thanks to their creative thinking. They understood what we were hoping to achieve with our redevelopment and were attentive and supportive throughout the design stage. Their ideas were congruent with ours throughout and they were always patient in helping us to understand what was and wasn’t possible or practical.

Translating the final design plans into reality was as straightforward as we could have hoped. Realistic objectives and corresponding timelines were established at the outset and then consistently met. Communication was excellent throughout and we grew to have every confidence in the build team. As renovation rookies we couldn’t have asked for the hand of a better partner to hold and help us navigate what I imagine is usually a very stressful and hazardous path.

There are too many special mentions to raise, so we’ll simply state that the entire team at Red Square was a pleasure to work with and we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them or using them again.”

Bob and Brett, South West London